Our eight regions are developing detailed analyses of impact in priority countries and against regional priority themes. These will be published as they are completed.


Building a sustainable peace in Colombia through young people and marginalised communities (PDF 3MB)

Arts and Social Change in the Americas (PDF 909KB)

East Asia

Engaging with China's rise (PDF 970KB)

Internationalising Higher Education in East Asia (PDF 662KB)


Engaging with English and Education in Spain (PDF 958KB)

Middle East and North Africa

Youth Takes Centre Stage KSA (PDF 1MB)

Our ties with Egypt (PDF 800KB)

A Letter from Baghdad (PDF 274KB)

Contributing to security and Stability in the Middle East and North Africa (PDF 435KB)

South Asia

British Council India's impact on the United Kingdom's prosperity and influence in the world (PDF 3MB)

Engaging with the youth of Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan for a more secure world (PDF 3MB)

Sub-Saharan Africa

New networks of influential alumni (PDF 687KB)

Community engagement for peaceful progress (PDF 402KB)

United Kingdom

Promoting Modern Foreign Languages in Wales (PDF 456KB)

Sharing Northern Ireland’s experience of peacebuilding (PDF 837KB)

Internationalising Scotland’s cultural sector (PDF 410KB)

Connecting Hull with the world (PDF 2MB)

Wider Europe

Connecting with the next generation in Russia and neighbouring countries (PDF 1MB)

Helping young Ukrainians build their future (PDF 450KB)

Wider Europe 2017/18 Impact Report (PDF 2MB)