The British Council is a complex international organisation working with thousands of partner organisations and millions of programme participants in over 110 countries, many of which present particular challenges because of our commitment to work directly with people to share knowledge and ideas from which all parties can benefit.

British Council organisation structure (PDF 77KB)

Commercial separation

Commercial separation (PDF 307KB)

Financial model

The role of commercial surplus in sustainability and impact (PDF 326KB)

Education and Society contracts and partnership analysis 2014 to 2018 (PDF 189KB)

Guidance to prevent conflicts of interest

We have created a range of policies to prevent conflicts of interest that may arise from the British Council’s extensive access to insight and influence across its global network.

Dual Role Guidance on Policy Support and Programme Delivery (PDF 174KB)

Creating and measuring value for money

Embedding value for money in Education and Society 2018 (PDF 973KB)

Value for money case studies in Education and Society 2018 (PDF 1MB)