A city at night (copyright Zhang Wenjie)

Zhang Wenjie

Knowledge Diplomacy (PDF 293KB) 

Knowledge diplomacy as a way forward for Higher Education's role in strengthening relations between countries.

Language Trends England 2016/2017 (PDF 379KB)

Language Trends Wales 2016/2017 (PDF 741KB)

Languages for the Future (PDF 1MB)

Trends in language teaching in England in light of concerns about its decline since removal from the compulsory curriculum in 2004 and amid calls for more language capability for Global Britain.

Shape of Global Higher Education: Volume 2 (PDF 675KB)

This paper considers the policy environment for Higher Education in 38 countries and how national systems support international collaboration in Higher Education.

Shape of Global Higher Education Volume 3 (ASEAN) (PDF 372KB)

A focus on the Association of Southeast Asian Nations member states, providing information to support regional activities and collaborations for institutions inside and outside the region.